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Why You Shouldn't Solve While Selling: The Key to Converting Leads into Customers

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Selling – it’s an art and a science, and as entrepreneurs, it’s at the core of what we do. But have you ever wondered why, despite demonstrating your expertise and providing solutions, you sometimes struggle to convert leads into sales? If that's the case, it's time to reconsider your sales approach, specifically this key principle: don't solve while you're selling.

Yes, you read that right! And in this blog post, we're going to explore why.

The Expertise Trap

As professionals and experts in our respective fields, we're wired to provide solutions. We want to help, to showcase our knowledge and demonstrate our worth. However, during a sales conversation, this innate drive can sometimes steer us in the wrong direction.

Offering solutions during the sales conversation might sound like a winning move, but it can inadvertently remove the very incentive for the potential customer to purchase your product or service. Why? Because you've already provided the solution to their problem, without them committing to anything.

In other words, you might inadvertently be giving away the milk for free, and as the saying goes, why would they buy the cow?

Risky Business

Another pitfall of solving while selling is the risk of providing advice or recommendations without having the full picture. In an attempt to impress and secure the sale, we might offer solutions that, upon further investigation, might not be the best fit for the customer. This can harm our credibility, customer relationships, and ultimately, our business.

The Value of a Structured Customer Journey

This is where the customer journey comes into play. Creating a well-defined customer journey allows you to showcase your expertise and demonstrate your results before you even step into a sales conversation. It sets the stage for your potential customer to understand and appreciate the value of your product or service.

Consider this: Your knowledge and the solutions you provide are your products. These are what customers come to you for, and these are what they're willing to pay for. By offering solutions for free during the sales conversation, you're inadvertently devaluing your own product.

So, how can we create a customer journey that effectively positions our solutions and value?

Highlighting Your Value

Your customer journey should make clear the value you provide and the results you achieve. This means showcasing your expertise and successes, and positioning your offerings as the logical solution to your customers' problems.

For instance, you could share case studies, testimonials, and success stories to demonstrate the results you've achieved. Or, you could offer insights into your process and expertise through content like webinars, newsletters, or blog posts (like this one!).

Leading to a Commitment

The ultimate goal of your customer journey should be to lead the potential customer towards a commitment – the purchase of your solution. By showcasing your value and results throughout the customer journey, you're effectively creating an environment where the next logical step for the potential customer is to commit to your solution.

Reflecting on Your Sales Approach

So, if you've been finding it tough to make sales lately, take a moment to reflect: Are you solving the problem too soon? Are you providing solutions during the sales conversation instead of leading the customer towards the purchase of your solution?

Remember, the true magic of your solution comes after the sale, once the customer has committed to you and your product or service. By holding back on solving until after the sale, you'll not only preserve the value of your solution but also significantly increase your chances of converting leads into customers.

Here's to your sales success!

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